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Online PFS games

With Covid-19 still impacting face-to-face gaming, we’ve decided to run PFS games over Zoom and Fantasy Grounds Unity.

To take part you’ll need a computer. Fantasy Grounds Unity doesn’t run on tablets or phones. Our GM has an Ultimate licence, which allows up to five players to connect for free, using only the demo version of FG Unity.

You can connect to the Zoom chat by phone or computer. You’ll only need a voice connection, though you’re welcome to connect with video if you like.

We’ll initially be running Pathfinder 1st edition games. We may run Pathfinder 2nd edition and/or Starfinder Society games at a later date if there is sufficient interest.

If you’re new to Pathfinder Society you should make sure you’re familiar with the 1st Edition Guide to Organised Play, and sign up for Pathfinder Society here (you’ll need your membership number).

If you intend to keep playing, you should get a copy of the Pathfinder 1st edition rules if you don’t already have them.

Fantasy Grounds is a little different to tabletop gaming. We have several Pathfinder rules sets which automate things: rather than rolling physical dice and manually noting damage and spells used you’ll be dropping virtual attack and damage dice onto your opponents’ tokens.

We’ll be starting the sessions on Friday January 22, 2021 at 4pm UAE time.

If you’re not already registered for Pathfinder Society, please do so in advance.

You can reserve a slot at the game on Warhorn. If you’re not on time for the start, your slot may be offered to another player.

The future of the UAE Pathfinder Society lodge

The UAE lodge is back and rolling for initiative – almost.

It’s been a year since we ran regular public games. There are a few reasons for that. One is lack of GMs – our small pool of dedicated GMs eventually became exhausted, and most found their work lives demanding more time. Most were also playing in my home campaign.

But there have also been changes within the lodge itself. First, we lost one of our Venture-Lieutenants, and most recently our founding Venture-Captain (VC) and good friend Mike left the UAE to return to the US.

We now have new lodge volunteer officers. I (Andy Staples) have stepped up from my role as Venture-Lieutenant for Dubai to become Venture-Captain for the UAE. We have two new Venture-Lieutenants (VLs), experienced PFS GMs Tarek Fadel and Diego Lopez Feliciano.

We also have a new top-level structure for PFS worldwide, with a new Organised Play Coordinator, Tonya Woldridge, at Paizo HQ, and a new level of Regional Venture-Captains. There’s a new level of local volunteers as well, the Venture-Agents – more on their role later.

So much for the changes. What are the plans?

We intend to focus the activities of the UAE lodge on gaming in our three dedicated gaming shops – Battlezone and Geeky Lizard in Dubai, and Back to Games in Abu Dhabi. We want to present both organised Pathfinder Society RPG and Adventure Card Game sessions.

As of the time of writing, we’re exploring the best ways of doing that with the proprietors. We intend to spend a little while – hopefully just a couple of weeks – getting the logistics right. We know we can’t simultaneously launch game-shop sessions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so our plan is to get the Dubai sessions running, then turn our attention to Back to Games in Abu Dhabi in January.

But one thing I know for sure is that we need your help. We can kick-start the activities in shops. We need help to sustain them. We need more GMs. And we need people to co-ordinate activities in the shops.

We don’t expect GMs to pop out of nowhere, but as the volunteer officers and or small pool of regular GMs run store sessions, we’ll be looking for GM volunteers.

And we’ll be looking for Venture-Agents. A Venture-Agent is the person responsible for coordinating games in a particular shop. We’ll need three of them, one for each shop. A Venture-Agent should be aged 18 or over, have experience playing and running PFS, keep records of games run, and be available for short monthly meetings with the VC and VLs. In return for doing this, a Venture-Agent gets free access to all PFS scenarios.

If you’re interested in GMing, or becoming a Venture-Agent, please email me at

But what of the out-of-store sessions, on which we built a regular community in Dubai?

These will still take place, but less frequently. Once we have established in-store games, we intend to run dedicated PFS game days at least four times a year. With established PFS sessions in game stores, we hope we will be able to draw sufficient players to run multi-table special adventures, with multiple GMs and multiple player parties all cooperating to reach one goal.

And we will continue to run Pathfinder Society events at Gulf Roleplaying Community minicons, and at the Middle East Film & Comic Con.

Still not enough? If you want more PFS, we’ll help you set up your own group, running for your friends in the comfort of your own home. We’ll guide you through the recording and reporting process that allows your players to bring their characters to play at any PFS game, run by any GM, anywhere.

The Year of the Serpent begins

Across in the US of A, GenCon is in full flow, and as usual that makes the end of one season for the Pathfinder Society and the start of another.

And so Season 6, the Year of the Sky Key, ends and we begin Season 7, the Year of the Serpent.

With it comes the annual update to the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organised Play – and this year the most notable change is the title. Guide to Organised Play no longer: it is now the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.

Please make sure you have the new guide as we move into the new season.