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Post-con thoughts

The GRC’s summer minicon in Abu Dhabi was a huge success, and in some ways I wish we’d organised more PFS during it. Waine ran an entire module, Crypt of the Everflame, for six players, though, which saw each of them rise a level (though I screwed up advising him on XP, prestige point and gold gains, believing he’s only run the first part of the module – next task: email corrected chronicle sheets to each player).

More PFS sessons were on Saturday morning. My 5-08 Confirmation table was significantly oversubscribed, so Jerome stepped up to run 4-18 The Veteran’s Vault.

As well as recruiting several new PFS players, the weekend saw a good deal of levelling up. As a pretty new lodge, we’re still eyeing Tier 1-5 scenarios, but we now have several level 3 characters.

The appetite for PFS games continues to amaze and delight me. I’m a little concerned we won’t keep up with demand, but as we enter the holiday season, one of our regular GM’s has left town for the summer, but another GM has stepped into the breach.

The end of the school term this summer also co-incides with the start of Ramadan, which may require us to reschedule our regular afternoon games to the evenings, after Iftar. Whether or not our Bean Machine gets a daytime serving licence, I won’t be able to smoke outside the mall before sunset…

A growing lodge

We started the UAE lodge back in January, and it took us a while to find our feet, but over the past few weeks we’ve really picked up pace, especially in Dubai. From a game every two or three weeks, we moved to a single-table game most weeks, then two tables.

Last weekend (June 13 and 14), we had 3 full tables playing over two days. With three GMs now running sessions in Dubai, I hope we’ll manage to keep the momentum to ensure at least one table a week, even if we have one or two GMs on holiday or otherwise unavailable. There’ll be occasional exceptions – such as this coming Friday, June 20, when we’ll all be in Abu Dhabi for the Gulf Roleplaying Community‘s summer minicon, but hopefully those will be limited (and game-related).