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Season 6 guide applies from August 14

Paizo has just released the Season 6 edition of the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organised Play, and it comes into effect from this coming Thursay, August 14. They’ve also updated the Additional Resources document to account for the Advanced Class Guide, which released on Thursday, and several other new publications.

This means our games on Friday will be run under Season 6 rules. Notable changes are the new factions, which have migrated from nation-based to ideal-based factions. It’s assumed that existing characters will migrate with their current factions (so Cheliax faction characters will become Dark Archive characters and so on). Each existing character will get one free faction change durig the course of Season 6 (changing faction normally costs prestige; rules for faction changes are on page 17 of the Season 6 guide).

Everyone please read up on your new factions. As with Season 5, there are no specific faction missions in any given adventure – you’re expected to know your faction’s overall goals and look for opportunities to further them. Doing so may earn you special boons on your chronicle sheets.

It also means that new aasimar or tiefling characters will not be allowed, but kitsune, nagaji and wayang are. Remember, you still need to bring a copy of the Advanced Race Guide (in print or PDF) to play these non-core races.