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UAE lodge in the press

Shreeja Ravindranathan’s article in Gulf News’ Friday magazine.

The lodge featured heavily in an April 7 feature article on roleplaying in the UAE by Gulf News’ Friday magazine reporter Shreeja Ravindranathan, who joined us to play a session.

I loved the fact that Sheerja wanted to play with us (and, earlier, with LARPers in Abu Dhabi) before writing about the hobby.

Although I’ve written about gaming in newspapers before, it was a delight to see our hobby through fresh eyes.

It’s a great article from someone who spent enough time talking with us and playing with us to understand the appeal of the hobby.

(It’s taken me a couple of weeks to post about his because it came out as the Middle East Film & Comic Con was in full flow, and all my focus was on that.)

In memoriam: Waine Ross

It is with great sadness I inform the lodge of the death last night of gamesmaster Waine Ross.

Waine Ross and family

Waine was a good friend to the Pathfinder Society, and a personal friend of many of our members. He ran only one session for us, but it was one of our earliest – he ran Crypt of the Everflame at an Abu Dhabi minicon in 2014. He returned home to his beloved Louisiana in 2015.

But he did a great deal to publicise Pathfinder Society and to encourage new players (and old players new to the UAE) to join. He loved the idea of Pathfinder Society’s open, public games, even though he favoured Dungeons & Dragons for his own games.

In addition to his passion for gaming, Waine was a passionate futurist; he was a firm believer in the technological singularity, and saw technology as a way to solve mankind’ s ills.

He was proud of both his service as a United States Marine and his Native American heritage – he used to point out his tribe, with fewer than 1,000 members left, was one of the smallest ethnic groups in the world.

Waine leaves a wife, Cheryl, and three daughters.

Rest in peace.