Monthly Archives: January 2021

Online PFS games

With Covid-19 still impacting face-to-face gaming, we’ve decided to run PFS games over Zoom and Fantasy Grounds Unity.

To take part you’ll need a computer. Fantasy Grounds Unity doesn’t run on tablets or phones. Our GM has an Ultimate licence, which allows up to five players to connect for free, using only the demo version of FG Unity.

You can connect to the Zoom chat by phone or computer. You’ll only need a voice connection, though you’re welcome to connect with video if you like.

We’ll initially be running Pathfinder 1st edition games. We may run Pathfinder 2nd edition and/or Starfinder Society games at a later date if there is sufficient interest.

If you’re new to Pathfinder Society you should make sure you’re familiar with the 1st Edition Guide to Organised Play, and sign up for Pathfinder Society here (you’ll need your membership number).

If you intend to keep playing, you should get a copy of the Pathfinder 1st edition rules if you don’t already have them.

Fantasy Grounds is a little different to tabletop gaming. We have several Pathfinder rules sets which automate things: rather than rolling physical dice and manually noting damage and spells used you’ll be dropping virtual attack and damage dice onto your opponents’ tokens.

We’ll be starting the sessions on Friday January 22, 2021 at 4pm UAE time.

If you’re not already registered for Pathfinder Society, please do so in advance.

You can reserve a slot at the game on Warhorn. If you’re not on time for the start, your slot may be offered to another player.