Greetings, Pathfinder

Marhaba, wa salam alaykum (welcome, and peace be upon you).

This is the homepage of the UAE lodge of the Pathfinder Society. Our games are listed on the Warhorn game management site and publicised on our Facebook group. We highly recommend you join both.

New to roleplaying or to Pathfinder? Don’t worry. Our gamesmasters will help you find your feet. We recommend you play one of the wide selection of pre-made characters to begin with, so you can concentrate on learning the ropes.

But if you’ve played a few times and want to make your own character – or you’re familiar enough with the game – you’ll want the free Pathfinder Society Guide to Organised Play and access to the Pathfinder rules – several local retailers stock the Pathfinder Core Rulebook in print, or you can buy a PDF or print copy  directly from Pathfinder publishers Paizo.

Then create a free Pathfinder Society account with Paizo, get your membership card – and remember to bring it with you to PFS events, so we can properly record your characters’ trials and tribulations.

If you want to learn a little more about the world of Golarion – the setting for Pathfinder Society games – check out our brief overview.

Our UAE lodge officers are:

Venture-Captain: Andy Staples

Venture-Lieutenants: Tarek Fadel, Diego Lopez Feliciano

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