Annual faction reports

With season six around the corner, and factions changing their focus, new faction goals have been announced on Paizo’s Pathfinder Society blog.

These goals are:

  • Dark Archive (formerly Cheliax): Establish the Dark Archive’s reputation with the Grand Lodge, and seek out skilled mentors to train the faction’s curators.
  • The Exchange (formerly Qadira & Scarnzi): Develop trade routes and contacts in western Garund.
  • Grand Lodge: Follow up on recent developments in the Mwangi Expanse.
  • Liberty’s Edge (formerly Andoran): Fight corruption and tyranny wherever it appears.
  • Scarab Sages (formerly Osirion): Explore the Jeweled Sages’ sanctum and seek lost relics of the order.
  • Silver Crusade: Serve as soldiers of peace by redeeming criminals, delivering aid to the afflicted, and handling the aftermath of the Mendevian crusade.
  • Sovereign Court (formerly Taldor): Build alliances with nobles across the Inner Sea region.

In addition, the various faction leaders have submitted their annual reports, covering the events of Season 5 and their aims and advice heading into Season 6. I strongly recommend reading the reports from the leader of your faction(s).

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