Games in Abu Dhabi

Lodge Venture-Captain Mike Labny will run a regular series of PFS events on at the Book & Bean coffee shop at Ace Hardware, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

The first confirmed event will be on the evening of July 15 (see the events calendar), when Mike intends to run the Tier 1-5 scenario The Merchant’s Wake.

Mike has also pencilled in July 8 (evening), July 19 (day or evening) and July 25 (day or evening) as possible game days at Book & Bean.

2 responses to “Games in Abu Dhabi

  1. Hey, are games still being ran in Abu Dhabi? Just moved to the area and, though I’ve never done Pathfinder before, I’d love to try it! Checked the event calendar on warhorn, but all I saw was Dubai. I’m on Reem island, but the Yas island location would be ok for me.

  2. Games in Abu Dhabi are irregular at the moment; we’ve had trouble getting a legal table together on a regular basis. We will update Warhorn as necessary.

    If you haven’t done so already, please also consider joining the Pathfinder Society UAE Facebook group – knowing we’ve another player in the area will help us get regular Yas Island games.

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