Season 6 is approaching

PFS co-ordinator Mike Brock has revealed some of the details of the upcoming PFS Season 6: The Year of the Sky Key. The new season will start at GenCon Indy in mid-August – remember, you’ll need to download new Guides to Organised Play when we enter the new season.

Being a new lodge, starting in the middle of Season 5, we haven’t really caught up with seasonal play yet, but each season does have an overall theme – and what your characters do in games can affect the storyline. Some players may have noticed many of the the Season 5 adventures revolve around the Pathfinder Society’s attempts to explore a newly found Dwarven Sky Citadel, and to send troops to aid the Mendevian Crusade against the demon-plagued Worldwound.

Season 6, as far as we can tell, will be focusing on some of the science fantasy elements of Golarion.

Alongside that, Mike and PFS developer John Compton have explained how your faction actions affect the overall plot of the seasonal campaigns, and what some factions can look forward to in the coming season. The Piazo blog post Faction Evolution explains the basics. Faction Evolution II takes a look at Cheliax and Andoran factions,  Faction Evolution III focuses on Osirian and Taldor factions, and Faction Evolution IV looks at the Scarnzi and Qadira factions.

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