New races, new mode of play

Paizo’s latest Pathfinder Society blog reveals that from August 14 aasimar and tieflings will be dropped as playable races (unless you have a special boon). You can continue to play aasimar and tieflings characters who’ve earned at least 1XP before that date, but won’t be able to create new characters after that (without a boon).

Instead, three new races – previously availabe only with boons – will be available: the kitsune (fox-people), nagaji (snake people) and wayang (shadow people). Remember, you’ll still need to bring a copy of the Advanced Race Guide (either print or PDF) to games in order to play these races.

And the campaign co-ordinators have also unveiled a new form of play – ultra-short quests, quicker to play than a full PFS scenario. Several of them strung together earn 1XP and a Chronicle sheet, just as a scenario does. This short form is aimed at cons and other situations where a 4-5 hour session isn’t possible.

More details on the PFS blog.

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